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The Contract  - She was quiet during the first twenty minutes of the one hour drive back to North Palm Beach. Her blonde hair was up in a twist except for the one strand of a bang that had fallen loose over her forehead. John noticed and could not resist the thought that someone else had messed her hair in some passionate moment, “You have fun?” he asked.“It was great.” Then, she added, “Thank you for letting me have my sex weekend.” ...READ MORE

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Tonya - Memories of that day flooded back to Tonya. She had never thought of Peter in any way Tonya - other than a distant friend to talk to. Occasional conversations about the summers in the mountains that would lead to his complaints about being treated as an acquaintance. That call to invite her to lunch twenty four months ago had been a surprise. Out of the blue, he called to say he was in Miami for a convention and was staying over closer to North Palm on the way back home. He said he had thought about asking her ahead of time, but the desire to see her did not play heavily enough on him until this last day in town. How could he pass up the one chance to be so close and not at least see her? “Sure, that would be nice to see you,” she had said and gave directions where to pick her up. ... READ MORE

Peter - Peter really liked his bikes; he had several. He enjoyed having more than one play toy. His favorite had drifted more toward married wives that tempted him to make their husbands jealous. Thoughts of Tonya were more on his mind than taking in the views of the flatland of Florida’s highways. The only problem for the weekend ahead was that he would not make her husband, John, jealous. Tonya told Peter that she had confessed about their lunch date two years earlier. Peter had asked Tonya if she told him what they had done, “You told him details?"   She said,“Yes.” ...READ MORE

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